Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

My work just hosted an amazing holiday party in the Wall Centre at the Sheraton Hotel. There was delicious food (I had pecan crusted salmon), an open bar and quality music by a local DJ company. The music was so good that we ended up dancing into the wee hours of the morning, heels off! Other Holidays I really enjoy the holidays and the time leading up to Christmas. But as I was having my dinner and looking around the room I realized that more than half of our company is made up of people who perhaps have no reason to

The Difficulties of Learning a Foreign Language

Learning something anew is often a daunting task. Sometimes it might even seem impossible. Recently I began climbing again. Climbing is one of the most interesting sports because it combines physical activity, strength, stamina, perseverance and problem solving. Every time I climb I challenge myself, sometimes I even feel a bit anxious before I go to the gym. I want to send (ascend) all of my climbs, I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of my friends and perhaps I want to egotistically “look good” while doing it. Reality, however is far from that. I fall, sometimes I fail

Language Schools in Vancouver

Vancouver is Canada’s “gateway to the East.” Whenever I need to fly out to Asia, usually with AirCanada, all flights leave from Vancouver. Additionally, Vancouver has a very large Asian population and is usually cited as one of the cities outside of Asia that has the largest Chinese community. This means that Vancouver, and by extension the whole province of British Columbia does a lot of business with Asian companies. For example Vancouver’s Bentall Centre was purchased in 2016 by China’s Anbang Group for $1.3 billion dollars (pictured below.) Many Chinese investors have learned English in order to do business in

Chinese Language – What is it?

When people speak colloquially about the Chinese language, they are usually referring to Mandarin – whether they know it or not. Mandarin is the most commonly spoken version of Chinese (the other being Cantonese). I won’t bore you with grammar or other such things but I will mention 10 cool facts about Chinese that I summerized from BBC Languages: 1. One in five people on the planet speak it! This makes learning this language highly useful if you’d like to do business around the world or in the People’s Republic of China. 2. As Chinese cultured has expanded past the

The Start of Global Chinese Edu

Global Chinese Edu if finally up and running! There’s nothing more energizing than learning new things, so stay tuned to learn more about where you can learn about Chinese culture abroad.